Sun Moon Beach Resort

The Sun Moon Beach Resort, named after the sun and moon, simply means that the resort is something to behold day or night. Not much has been known of this resort except for the those who already has gone to the place. But even under this circumstance, the resort is not to be looked down upon. It is merely one of those not so commercialized resort, perfect for those wanting for a simple outing on the beach without having much thought in mind. Another great thing about Sun and Moon is that the accommodation is very affordable. One other thing too, news has it that this resort recently is under a new management(Last November 2011)…so probably we can expect more good things from them.


  •  Entrance Fee- Php 50
  • Cottage 2- w/ electric fan- Php 2,000
  • Cottage 3- with TV- 2 aircon rooms, 1 room w/electric fan- 5,000.00 Php
  • Picnic Hut-  for daytour rate only – 300.00


  • Aircon Cottages
  • Fan Cottages
  • Picnic Hut
  • TV