Rosal Beach ResortIf you happen to visit  Saragani Province for a vacation or summer escapades, Rosal Beach Resort in Gumasa, Glan Sarangani should be included in your top list.  This  beach resort is one of the best white sand beaches  scattered all over the province.  It is situated  between  White Haven and Coco Beach Resort.

Compared to other beach resorts in the Philippines,  the accommodation in Rosal is much  affordable.  It offers rooms with a functioning  bathroom and good air conditioning. There are open – air cottages ,space for tents and children’s playground.

There is a wide variety  of options where one can break the stillness of the resort. One is to indulge  in the beauty  of the place by simply taking a walk in the fine white sand while having a conversation with  new acquaintances or friends.  Another way is to hang out with the beach while sipping refreshing drinks. For guests who love water sports, Rosal offers facilities such as kayaks,  skim boards, and volleyball for rent. Take note, you can also  experience  jet skiing, just request it from the management.

Whether you are an adventurous tourist or someone looking for a laid back retreat, Rosal Beach Resort is a great destination  on indulging your dream escapade.



Entrance Fee

  • Daytime                       –    40.00 Php/person
  • Overnight                   -     50.00 Php/person

Boat Rentals

  • Paddle Boat                –     150.00Php/hr
  • Kayak                          –     200.00Php/hr

Open Cottages

  • Daytime (8 am to 5 pm)                –   600.00 Php
  • Overnight (5 PM to 8 AM)             –   700.00 Php


  • Matrimonial Room                        - 3,000.00 Php

(max of 2 persons, inclusive of dinner and breakfast

welcome drinks and hour kayak)
  • 2 Bed Apartelle                                3,500.00 Php
(max of 2 persons, inclusive of dinner and
breakfast,welcome drinks and 1 hour kayak)
  • Elevated Cottage(max of 15 persons)     -   7,000.00 Php


  • Family Hall (max of 20 persons )            –   5,500.00 Php
  • Duplex Room (max of 4 persons)              -   2,300.00 Php


Amenities & Services :

  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Open day cottages
  • beach volleyball
  • children’s play ground
  • skim board rental