midwayAbout an hour away in Cagayan de oro lays MIDWAY Beach Resort a beach with light colored sand and beautiful aquamarine water. Located in Tubigan, Initao, it is an exciting getaway for weekends since they are offering very comfortable accommodations, so guests can enjoy an overnight stay.

You can dine in with their restaurants that offer delectable and savory foods or you can also bring your own food. Midway has been known for along time and until now it still entices people with its sands and waters because it will give you the pleasure of having fun under the sun. They are also now having a short zipline course that everyone can enjoy.



  • Entrance fee          50/head
  • Cottages                  300.00
  • Swimming pool    100.00


  • Swimming Pool
  • Zipline
  • Restaurant
  • Kiddie playground
  • Mini aviary