A mountain resort located at 3,000 feet above sea level, Eden Nature Park is 95% human-made! It is a great model of how humans can re-create nature and rebuild a lost environment.

Discovered sometime in 1971, the resort used to be a logged-over area covered only by a blanket of wild grass. Its potential was, however, readily seen by the owners as the property provided an imposing view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf.

Not long after, terraces were carved out of the mountain slope, and thousands of pine tree seedlings were planted. As the pine trees grew it created canopies, allowing other trees and plants to grow and creating a secondary forest. Today, there are over 100,000 pine trees spread in about 80 hectares, providing a refreshing backdrop to the various attractions in Eden Nature Park.

For those eager to get a glimpse and a quick orientation of the Park’s 40-hectare attractions and amenities, take the 45-minute guided shuttle tour. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Amphitheater is reminiscent of the ancient Roman civilization. Masses, wedding ceremonies and small concerts have been held at the center of the amphitheater. The site presents another excellent view of Davao City and its gulf.

Plaza Maria
Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, the Plaza Maria is the garden home of the Virgin Mary, especially made to occupy a very special place in the park.

Jogging Lane
Go for a brisk, stimulating and revitalizing exercise as you breath the energizing air filled with the whiff of pine trees.

Hiking Trails
Experience nature as you ramble through the friendly ravine walks and boulder paths. Listen to the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves as the site of nature’s richness energize you while you jog or walk through the trails.

Located at the highest point of the park, a wonderful view of Davao City and the Gulf beholds you as you swim or simply sit down with your family or friends.

Bond with your kids as you experience the thrill of fishing in an upland environment. Sumptuous tilapia and hito are the prized catch for our lucky fishers.

The Activity Center is the information nerve and the hub of day activities of the resort. Guests register here for day packages, guided tours or special day events.

A stone’s throw away and fronting the Holiday Terraces is the Holiday Lodge. With native inspired rooms, and where nature is at your fingertips, these duplex units are an idyllic honeymoon or vacation package.

An intimate hideaway for couples nestled amongst lush greenery overlooking a ravine.

The rooms are situated exactly in the heart of the seminar village, the right place to unwind and relax after a tough day’s battle of the brains.

Located at the center of the Seminar Hall and the Cafeteria, you can jump right into a cozy bed should you need to slow down from the hectic and fiery workshop/conference sessions conducted in any of these function areas.

A cozy retreat nestled amid a forest of tall pine trees, this four-bedroom cabin has an annex cottage to accommodate up to 14 persons. It is fully equipped with kitchen and dining facilities.

Ideally situated amidst a forest of pine trees with a magnificent view, is a 2-bedroom cottage with a basement that provides a restful hideaway for groups seeking total privacy.

Somewhat secluded mountain retreats for large families or intimate friends. For weekend respites or weekday getaways, the mountain villas are blessed with pine-scented breezes and the embracing hush of mother nature that beckons the weary soul to relax, and the fatigued mind to unwind.

A semi-outdoor multi-purpose facility where nature inspires one’s being, bringing the outdoors in, with lush foliage swaying to the cool mountain breeze… what better way for one to express diverse thoughts or absorb fresh ideas.

Pack your bags and pitch tent at the campsite areas. Enjoy outdoor adventure. Ideal for group camping and outdoor game activities. Located about 1.5 kilometers from the Resort’s center amidst tall pine trees, vanilla vines and interesting terrain, the site is an idyllic venue for camping and outdoor activities for groups above 50 persons.

Can hold up to 40 persons, located at the heart of the Resort adjacent to the Vista Kiosk’s Indiana Jones. Ideal for an outdoor adventure experience for families with children.

How to get there

By air and land, 105-minute daily flight by PAL, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific from Manila to Davao City, 90 minutes by car from Davao airport to the resort.



Entrance & Meal        Adult               child(4-10yrs old)
buffet lunch                450.00Php    280.00 Php
Plated Snacks             180.00Php    150.00Php

  • Guided Shuttle Tour                              100.00Php/person
  • Skyrider                                                      150.00Php/person
  • Horseback riding                                    85.00Php/person
  • Entrance to the Fishing Village        55.00Php/person
  • Entrance to the Swimming pool

Adult                                                           80.00Php/person
Child                                                           55.00Php/person

  • Langub sa kaalaman show                 55.00Php/ person


Amenities & Services:

  • Prayer Garden
  • Flower Garden
  • Amphitheater
  • Plaza Maria and Lola’s Garden
  • Skyrider
  • Indiana Jones
  • zip-line
  • Eden’s play and sports grounds
  • Trekking
  • swimming
  • horseback riding or fishing