DECA Wakeboard Par
Are you feeling the itch to wakeboard but do not have enough resources to go to Camarines Sur? If you hail from Mindanao, another option waits at Deca Homes Resort Residences in Tacunan in Davao City and that is the Deca Wakeboard Park. The place opened sometime in December of 2009 and since then, the place has been getting quite a patronage. Of course, if you do not fancy the adventure, then this place is surely not for you as a wakeboarding experience is only for the brave of heart. Opens at 8:30 in the morning, you can enjoy the place for P1,100 for the whole day or P850 half day. The package already comes with lunch. If you think you can stomach being pulled while boarding on water but have fears of possible accidents, you do not have to especially if you choose to try out your courage in Deca Wakeboard Park as the place guarantees the safety of their visitors. For the much more adventurous, you can try boarding at competition speed as the place has been designed to accommodate wakeboard contests.



Deca Wakeboard Park Rates

  • Whole Day                       –   1,000.00PhP
  • Half Day                            –   700.00PhP

Davao Residents

  • Whole Day                       –   700.00PhP
  • Half Day                            –   500.00PhP

Deca Homes Residences

  • Whole Day                       –     500.00PhP
  • Half Day                            –     350.00PhP

*Rates include FREE use of WAKEBOARD, HELMET and VEST.
Thanks to Alain Calma for the photo.


Amenities & Services:

  • Cable Park
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Shop
  • Massage Center
  • Free Wi-Fi