Coco beach (2)

Deciding to spend your holidays or summer gateaway in this beach resort is absolutely  great idea.  It is located  in Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province right after the Rosal Beach Resort. Coco Beach Resort takes pride of their beach plus the powdery  white sand  as the highlight plus the crystal clear seawaters.  However,  these are just  only the beginning when  considering  the advantage  of indulging moments with  this beach resort.

Coco Beach Resort is accessible to  other neighboring  resorts. This easy access means you can spend many activities such as walking in the shoreline,  swimming, snorkeling  and scuba diving. Another amazing thing to behold in Coco Beach Resort, it is the sunset view along the shoreline.  It is one of the simple offerings of nature to thank for.

Coco Beach Resort is a good venue for any special occasion  that you’re celebrating, especially  special bonding moments with family and friends.  Though  it does not offer  ample facilities,  but it has  the basic  amenities that you needed most.  It has rooms and cottages, a small store  wherein you can order for meals.  Not to mention that the owners and staff  are really friendly and accommodating with their  guests.



Entrance Fee:

Daytime                                                                                         – 30 Php/head

Overnight                                                                                      – 40 Php/head

Entrance without cottage (maximum of 3 persons)         – 50 Php/head

5 years old & below                                                                      – FREE

6 years old & above                                                                     – Full payment


Open CottagesSitting CapacityDaytime PriceOvernight Price
B1 – B425 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
S110 persons400.00 Php500.00 Php
S210 persons300.00 Php400.00 Php
S35 persons200.00 Php300.00 Php
S4 – S510 persons300.00 Php400.00 Php
M1 – M415 persons400.00 Php500.00 Php
Marienella10 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
Marie10 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
Mariel10 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
Justine10 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
Daniel10 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
Nikka10 persons500.00 Php600.00 Php
Screened Cottage 120 persons1,200.00 Php


  • Room M (aircon w/ 4single beds)                                                            –  3,500.00 Php
  • D4 Room (aircon w/ 4 single beds)                                                         –  3,500.00 Php
  • D3 Room (aircon w/ 3 single beds)                                                         –  3,000.00 Php
  • D2 Room (aircon w/ 4 single beds)                                                         –  3,500.00 Php
  • Sofeden Room (aircon w/ 3 single beds)                                               –  3,000.00 Php
  • Dark Green  Room (aircon with 2 single beds)                                   –  2,000.00 Php
  • Light Green Room (aircon with 2 single beds)                                   –  2,000.00 Php
  • clifford Room(aircon w/ 2 single beds & 1free open cottage)         –  2,800.00 Php
  • Big Green Room (aircon w/ 6 single beds & 1free open cottage)   –  4,000.00 Php
  • Carrebean ROom (aircon w/ 6 single beds & 1free open cottage) –  4,500.00 Php