Experience the soft white sand beaches and turquoise waters on Bluwaters Village & Resort centrally located along Samal Island coast, Davao Gulf, a 4-minute motor boat ride across Waterfront Insular Hotel

Bluewaters Resort is ideally situated for visitors to the area. The Resort has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that emphasizes Friendly and hospitable service. It offers guest, low rate but quality rooms and a variety of facilities and service that are sure to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers. Water transportation is provided by their own “M/B Danica”.

Apartelle, Cottages, Clubhouse/Pavilions are located along the white-sand beachline of the resort and facing the spectacular views of Davao Gulf and the City of Davao. Fronting the individual verandas are their own picnic huts with table, chairs and barbecue stand. Spot lights along the beach are turn on for those taking their night swim.

Bluwaters Beach Resort is open to the public, the amenities includes white sand beach, infinity swimming pool, kiosk, mushroom huts, picnic tables shaded by talisay trees, shower and rest rooms, covered grill huts, Mediterrean type apartelles, cottage units, clubhouse and pavilions.

How To Get There

Board their pumpboat named “Danica” at the Marina Wharf located in Davao Boat Club – Davao Pearl Farm Jetty. The boat fare is P100 one-way.


  • Entrance Fee       – $2 /PHP 100/head
  • Picnic Hut            – $6 /PHP 300/hut
  • Table for 10         – $3/ PHP 150
  • Swimming Pool  – $1/ PHP 50/head


  • Anahaw Pavilion

(80-100/ Capacity)                         – $50 /PHP 2500

  • Grand Pavilion

(150-220/ Capacity with Stage) – $90 /PHP 4500

  • Clubhouse

(100-120/ Capacity Fully AC)    – $140 /PHP 5500

  • Apartel/Deluxe

(2/ Air-conditioned)                       – $36 /PHP 1,800

  • Standard Room

(2/ Air-conditioned)                       – $30 /PHP 1,500

  • Garden House

(5/ Air-conditioned)                       – $70 /PHP 3,500

  • Regular Room

(2/ Air-conditioned)                       – $18 /PHP 900

  • Family Room

(4/ Air-conditioned)                      – $36 /PHP 1,800

  • Dormitory Type

(6/ Air-conditioned)                     – $50 /PHP 2,500

  • Extra Person                                         – $5 /PHP 250



  • cable TV
  • full bath
  • private veranda