Balai Laiya Resort, San Juan, Batangas


Nestled along San Juan, Batangas’ wide sandy coast is a family getaway haven like no other. This is a down-to-earth place – thatched roof cottages, uncluttered stretches of clean sand, few visitors, and warm bonfires.

Upon arriving, a welcome drink of Balai’s own tamarind concoction prepares you for kicking back and enjoying your weekend stay.

Whether its to get away from the noise of the city, or to frolic in the sun, or to celebrate a momentous occasion you will discover that Balai sa Laiya is simply… perfect.

Simple but comfortable rooms your family and friends will surely enjoy. With airconditioned or non-airconditioned cottages available, Balai sa Laiya’s rooms open up to a natural setting of green groves of trees, fresh sea air and white sands.

Each room comes with its own porch area, wide-opening doors and roll-down wicker screen to maximize your communion with nature in your very own piece of paradise.

How to get there

Via Candelaria

1. Take a bus from Manila to Lucena (Jackliner, Tritran, BLTB, Jam, etc) but get off at the Town of Candelaria. (+/- 2 hrs.)
2. Get off at Chowking right after the town proper of Candelaria.
3. Go to the nearest intersection, which is about 10 meters and take a jeep to the town of San Juan, Batangas. (+/- 30 mins.)
4. Get off at the San Juan, Town Market and take a jeep to the Barrio of Hugom where Balai is located. (+/- 30 mins.)

Via Lipa

1. Take a bus from Manila to Lipa City (Jackliner, Tritran, BLTB, Jam, Alps, etc.) (+/- 1.5 hrs.)
2. Get off at Bus Terminal near McDonalds, Jollibee, and Shakey’s.
3. Take a tricycle to the jeep terminal located at the City Market (+/- 10 mins.)
4. Take a jeep bound for San Juan, Batangas. (+/- 45 mins.)
5. Get off at San Juan Town Market
6. Take a jeep to Barrio Hugom where Balai is located. (+/- 30 mins.).


A. Overnight Package - P3,900.00
       ¬ Air-conditioned room with two double-sized beds
¬ Private toilet and bath with water heater
¬ 2 days and 1 night accommodation
¬ Bottomless hot coffee/tea
¬ Free usage of:
           -Swimming pool
           -Billiard table
           -Volleyball court
           -Bonfire Pit
Note :
-Mandatory additional P950.00
 for full board meals per head (3 buffet meals)
-Additional P750.00 per head in excess
 of 3 pax – max of 2 additional persons only
Other Activities: (addt’l charge)
- Kayak
- Fishing
- Karaoke Room
B. Day Trip Package - P750.00 per head
     ¬ Welcome Drink
¬ Buffet Lunch
¬ PM snack (light)
¬ Day Entrance
¬ Free usage of:
         -Swimming pool
         -Billiard table
         -Volleyball court
Other Activities: (addt’l charge)
- Kayak
- Fishing
- Karaoke Room
1. 50% Down payments to confirm bookings.
You can also deposit directly at any UCPB Branch.
Fax a copy of your validated deposit slip for confirmation.
2. For now, we are not accepting credit cards.
3. On cancellation charges:
       100% of total package if cancellation was made on
            the day of the actual stay
        80% of total package price if cancellation was made
            For 4 rooms below - one day before actual stay
            For more than 5 rooms - 3 days before actual stay
       50% of total package price if cancellation was made
            For 4 rooms below - 2 days before actual stay
            For more than 5 rooms - 4 days before actual stay
4. Corkage – Php.200.00 per bottle consumable
5. No spear fishing allowed
6. Unconsumed package non-refundable


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Free usage of:
    -Swimming pool
    -Billiard table
    -Volleyball court
  • – Kayak
  • – Fishing
  • – Karaoke Roo



  1. would like to inquire room rates & reservations,as well as contact information #’s.thanx =)

  2. would like to inquire bout your rates for a large cottage or a pavilion who can accomodate bout 80 persons.. pls email your contact information asap…

  3. request for your best package for overnight accommodation of 12 person.kindly provide 2 quotation with and without food…do have any mobile contact number….please advice as well if we can book on april 26.thank you!!!

  4. please send me a quotation for a 24 hrs stay from may 29-30. for at least 30 persons

  5. whats your rate for a 24 hrs stay from June 11 – 12. for 6 persons w/o breakfast

  6. hi just want to ask for a quotation for 20pax,with food and without the way can we bring food?hoping for ur quick reply…thanks

  7. tanung ko lang po mgkanu rates nyo sa rooms,and kung pwede mgdala food…?

  8. would like to inquire room rates & reservations,as well as contact information #’s.thanx =)

  9. would like to inquire room rates & reservations,as well as contact information #’s.thanx. Is there kitchens in the rooms? Is there specials for staying 5 to 7 days?

  10. Hi!Just want to ask for a quotation for 20pax,with food and without food. Can we bring food?

  11. I would like to ask for a quotation for overnight accomodation of 8 person. Please send to us your reply as early as possible for we are planning to booked our visit this October 29, 2010.
    Thank you very much

  12. hi! please send me a quotation for our department’s team building. we are 14 persons and planning to stay there on dec. 10 to 11, 2010. thanks

  13. hi..can you give me the qoutation of your resort..we are having our outing the target date is march 30-31..
    pls.give me some info of your resort..thanks!!!

  14. joanna marie jimenez

    pls contact me at this number 09176418786
    and 7942370..pls contact me immediately because im inquiring about your amenities..plss..thanks

  15. I would like to know your rates pls for 10 to 15 persons for an overnight stay on april 30 to may 1 thank you

  16. hi would like to ask how much is an overnight stay for april 2-3 good for 10-14 pax. all adult? can we bring food to cooked? do you have special rates for travel agents/


  17. Maria Lourdes Gando

    hello, I cannot get you rate, kindly email on your room rates in Balai laiya. I am interested for a two days and one night stay, for six persons, this coming May 2 to 4, 2011. Kindly help me, Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. guys if you are planning to rent a tourist bus, don’t ever make a deal with Galatian Bus Lines (yellow-colored). We had a

    very bad experience with them.

    here’s what happened:

    our wedding will be held in one of the resorts in san juan batangas. we were looking for a tourist bus which will serve as a

    transportation for the majority of our guests. we saw the Galatian’s ad in the internet (not sure if it’s and

    dialed the cel# and landline posted in the ad. i think it was 3 weeks before our wedding. someone named raymond answered and

    we discussed the terms. thinking that we were already in a hurry and we’ve tried several tourist bus operators but we cant

    find an available bus on our wedding date; i agreed to pay 11k as a down payment(it was also my fault that i did not ask for

    a contract). raymond was very accomodating and we even had sms exchanges several days before the wedding. I even went to

    their location in bicas, caloocan just to see their bus (satisfactory rating) and to make sure that we have a bus which will

    transport our guests from manila to batangas.

    one day before the wedding, we were already in san juan. batangas. at around 530am, my sister was calling me to tell that the

    bus hasn’t arrived yet. the agreed time was 5am. i and my fiancee were calling raymond in his cellphone and landline, but no

    one answered us. alas, at around 545am. there came a bus(as my sister narrated), old, not the tourist bus that we agreed(it

    was a passenger bus not named Galatian) and the aircon is worn out and not working properly. so it was very hot inside the

    bus (imagine traveling from manila to san juan, batangas in that condition). worse, the drive didn’t even know that we

    already made a downpayment with raymond and on monday (the day after the wedding) the driver said that the bus was in coding

    that’s why we cannot arrive in manila before 5pm. and to think that our checkout time in laiya is 11am. it was a very

    irritating experience for me and my wife and to our families and friends inside.

    if you don’t want to experience that, dont even think of dealing with Galatian bus lines ( raymond/shirley)

  19. Hi!! i would like to know your rates for 12 Pax 3 days 2 night It will be for end of july. Can we bring our own food?

  20. Hi. would like to know rates for a single room /overnight stay for 2 persons including dinner at Balay Laiya Resort, San Juan Batangas. Thanks.


    i need an accommodation for apr 7-9 for 13 pax
    pls email my availability of rooms and rates

  22. Please provide me a quotation for overnight stay from April 13 to April 14, 2013. 6 adults and a 2 yr old kid.Thanks.

  23. Mirabel Services Corporation

    please send quotation for 50 pax target date on April 26 to April 28, 2013

    Hope to receive ur reply soon


  24. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I would like to make a request with regards to our Team Building. Kindly send us quotation as per below details:

    1. Date of event : May 11-12
    Time in for May 11 – 9:00 am
    Time out for May 12 – 12 pm

    2. Price per person : 20 maximum

    3. Lodging : 2 Rooms (capacity of 8 persons)
    2 Rooms (for 3 persons)

    4. Food : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    (Kindly include food in the package)

  25. Need to know availability of room for 2 pax on December 26 (checkout Dec 27). Please send email on how to reserve and make payment.

  26. Hi can you send us a copy of room rates and availability for dec 13-15.

    Thank you,
    Your reply is highly appreciated.

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