Villa del Prado and Beach resort is located in Quezon which is in southern tagalog area. Its one of the most beautiful and amazing resort in Quezon. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind with your friends and family. It is also a pleasant place for the kids because of its cleanliness. It offers a different kinds of airconditioned rooms. This place is perfect for weddings, celebrations, reunions, meetings,etc.



Entrance fee

  • adult    P70.00
  • child    P45.00

Huts and Tables

  • Fiberglass hut      P550.00
  • Native huts            P850.00
  • Pavillion                 P12,000.00
  • Function Hall        P5000.00


  • Standard rooms        P1,300.00
  • Duplex                           P2,000.00
  • Villas                              P3,500.00



  • Swimming Pools
  • Open cottages
  • Rooms
  • Pavillion
  • Function rooms
  • Recreational Area
  • Children’s Area