Top 10 Tourist Spots in Davao City


Nightlife Experience

MTS(Matina Town Square) / Torres / Jack’s Ridge

If you are interested for some night life adventure, then the Matina Town Square (MTS), bars and restos lining the street of Torres, and Jack’s Ridge are some of the top choices you have. They offer live band entertainment, best tasting food with different cuisines, affordable beer and the best night-life experience.

Matina Town Square


Thrill and Adventure

DECA Wakeboard Park

You do not have to go far just so you get a taste of speed, wakeboard and thrill. Davao also offers this kind of adventure to offer. Although it is not yet complete, when done, the DECA Wakeboard Park will be the biggest wakeboarding park in the whole country. One advice, if you do go and experience wakeboarding, make sure to go when there are not so many people around so you could have the speed adjusted and you have more turns.

Deca Wake

Zip City and Outland Adventure Xcelerator 

If it is the thrill of heights you are looking for, then going for a zip line ride is definitely what you are looking for. Using the standard equipment advised by the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, you are assured that you are safe even if you travel midair, 320 meters long and 120 feet above the ground.


D’leonor Inland Resort and Wavepool

If you have had enough of swimming pools and you think you are quite bored with them, surely you will love to try the new wavepool in Mindanao. It is something that not a lot of people in this part of the Philippines have already tried. Imagine a pool with simulated beach waves. Surely, it is worthy enough to be included in your must-try list.

Wave Pool





  1. Awesome list you have. I will always love my hometown Davao. :-)

  2. what made it the top 10 spots? Is there any voting to this?

  3. I want to go to Davao!!!!!! para hanapin ang mahal ko! hehe…malaki ba ang Davao?

  4. davao is a beautiful place when i was done her.

  5. davao city is always a nice place to stay and visit… it is our second home…

  6. What ‘ta lovely place.. wish to explore Davao and experience one of those someday.. Please post some of Davao’s wonders. nabitin kasi ako eh..hehe

  7. . .Grave guys gusto ko rin mka pasyal jan sa Davao..talagang napakaraming beautiful spots in Davao..I LOVE it..picx pa lang nice nah..labi nah sa personal..hmmmmm..

  8. want to visit samal islands. is it not dangerous to tourists?

  9. saan ba yan zipline di ko know eh

  10. Marlene Muscado Olegario

    Do not forget to ck in @ Davao Marco Polo hotel & visit Samal Island & Infinity Resort.

  11. Marlene Muscado Olegario

    we had the great time in Davao

  12. Spent our summer vacation in samal and davao city!

  13. estephanny franz laroza

    i like DAVAO because theres many places than we can travel and we will be proud in philippines

  14. Claire Joy Burgos: yep malaki ang davao it would take you 2.5 hours – 3 hours if you want to just go from end to end. And since it’s the largest city in the world when it comes to land area, you can pretty much get lost in the city :)

  15. i miss my hometown…really missed philippines, especially davao…

  16. this city is still growing.. davao city is my hometown and im proud to be a davaoenos.. what a lovely place to live..

  17. Grabe Ang ganda sa davao

  18. Grabe Ang ganda sa davao tsaka andami ng tourist spot

  19. wow i wish i could go there because it so beautiful!

  20. i really like davao city…very clean place and people are so it!hope to visit there again.

  21. i love davao see you soon

  22. you can also visit Hagimit Falls and Maxima AcquaFun @ Samal Island

  23. Ronelyn Aloro Tupino

    thank you Davao my family enjoy d places our dear bea njoy so much swimming and most ride d zipline.

  24. may tiket na ko pa davao.. pero walang ka idea2 kun saan ppunta… hehehe adventure.. san kaya pwd sa davao?(ung mura lng sana) pa help po.. thanks :D

  25. @Shane – not to burst your bubble but not to mislead readers, Davao is not the largest city by landmass, but i agree its a big city and a great city.

  26. ` wish to explore and spend time in Davao .. Nice place :)

  27. wow …….its sooooo nice and awesome .I want to go there nah hehehehe

  28. I’m so excited to go to davao this coming dec..heheh

  29. We are planning to have our educational trip in Davao and we dont know how much would be the entrances so we can have budget on it namely,phils eagle,crocodile park,peoples park and gap

  30. People in Davao are Lovely we do Respect Our Mayor so much. we keep our City Clean…
    for People who plan to visit Davao and looking for a place to stay please text or call this # 09051175996

  31. Davao is a nice and safe place to stay! Yung mga taxi driver dito mababait hindi katulad sa ibang lugar. Macocompare mo tala. :) Kaya sa mga tourists, wag kayong mag-alala, sabihin nio lang kung saan niyo gustong pumunta at siguradong ihahatid kayo. :) Enjoy your visit! :)

  32. I’m from Davao City but I never been all of this places before. How I wish one of this days I can see this places. I proud to be a Davaowenyo I love Davao so much.

  33. Most of them napuntahan ko na…… except Mount Apo…. Lau nun… and d’leonor….. Hope I can visit there…… jejeje

  34. Is that really the best there is? The Peoples Park doesn’t even deserve a mention, it’s tiny.

  35. @dave Why such a nega with Davao? with Peoples Park? People in Davao are proud of our Peoples Park and other tourist destination. If you have nothing good to say then better not put a comment.

  36. wow nice view sa davao ???

    Im going 2 davao will see the nice view of davao city .

  37. dyan dinala sa davao ang babaeng minahal ko 8(((((((((((((((

  38. tagalog b salita nila?

  39. Amazing Davao! Beautiful people!

  40. Davao is really beautiful most especially the relaxing Samal Island.

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