RanRich Beach Resort was named after Randolph and Richard, the two son’s of Mr. and Mrs. Bumanlag. This resort started and was fully operational a few years back last 2005. In a short span of time, quickly made a name for itself. It isn’t really surprising because  of the wide range of amenities and services that the resort has to offer. (see below). RanRich Beach resort also has a very wide area of 1.2 hectare, making it a great destination spot for companies, organizations, family reunions and group outings. In fact, here are some of the organizations that visited there…

Some of the Organizations who visited RanRich Resort

  • Couples for Christ, Youth for Christ and Singles for Christ
  • YFC leaders conference Cavite Sector
  • Adamson Youth Camp
  • Mapua discovery weekend
  • University of the East Computer Students Society (Leadership in Focus Training Seminar)

Aside from that, you’ll be surprised at how very affordable their rates are. The resort is particularly easy on the budget and very decent too… And that’s not all, currently RanRich Beach Resort is even finding more means of development to provide better accommodations and services to its respective guests.


Amenities and Services


  • Adult Pool with Slide
  • Kiddie Pool with Slide
  • Cottages inside the Pool
  • Mushroom Cottages
  • Spacious Parking Space
  • Public Kitchen
  • Public Shower
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Open Space for Camping
  • Picnic Area
  • Beach Area\
  • Boating

Other Service / Equipments Available:

  • BBQ Grill
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Mini-matress
  • Packed lunch (Upon Request / Price depends on the meal serve)


Entrance Rates 

  • Adult
    Day Tour – Php 100.00
    Overnight – Php120.00
  • Kids
    Day Tour – Php 50.00
    Overnight – Php 70.00
  • Cottages
  • Nipa Hut – Php 350.00
    -10 pax
  • Mushroom Cottages – 500.00
    -15 pax
  • Umbrella Cottages(near pool)- Php 700.00
    -15 pax

Non – Airconditioned Rooms

  • 12 Hrs / Room – 700.00
  • 24 hrs. / Room – 1,000.00