1-passigIt is not uncommon in the Philippines to find little islets situated near bigger islands. Being an archipelago, this is already a common occurrence. However, this does not mean that people who witness these islets do not feel any wonder and amazement anymore because common as they are, these islets still exhibit the great mysteries and beauty of nature. Such is the case of the used-to-be secluded Passig Islet in Digos. The first inhabitants of the little island were the staff of the Provincial Anti-Illegal Fishing – Task Force. Since the island gets almost submerged with water during high tide season, the staff slowly reclaimed some parts of the area. After which, different trees were planted including the more important mangroves. Then, a footbridge was constructed connecting PASSIG to the mainland, however, the bridge was slowly overcame by decay. Now, the place could be reached by boat for P200.  You can opt not to rent cottages but if you wish for better accommodation the closed cottage is worth P500 while the open ones are P300. Though the place does not collect any entrance fees, visitors are encouraged to hand out any amount for donation to help in maintenance cost.



Entrance Fee:

  • Adult – PHP 15.00
  • child – PHP 10.00


  • Small – PHP 100.00
  • Medium – PHP 150.00
  • Large – PHP 250.00
  • Cottage with room – PHP 500.00.

Function Hall – PHP 5,500.00

No Corkage but cooking there is disallowed.


  • Aqua-Eco Park
  • Cottage
  • Function Hall
  • Generator(only prior to bookings and negotiations from the national capitol)